The Global Consciousness Summit was founded in an effort to bring awareness and highlight the many global issues that are plaguing us today. When a group of individuals with the same consciousness come together it creates cohesive resonance. With over 25 international esteemed guests ranging from metaphysical professionals and environmentalists through an interview platform, our hope is this conscious awareness will create the shift needed.


    Meet the Team

    Marla Goldberrg

    Marla is an Energy Healer, Intuitive, Speaker, Teacher, International Best Selling Author, and Host of Guided Spirit Conversations podcast.

    Her mission and purpose in life is to inspire, motivate and educate her clients and all that she connects with through her books and podcast, through the use of her tools and techniques to help them enhance or shift their life circumstances.

    Marla is the contributing author of 3 international best selling compilation books as well as soul author in her best seller, “My F*cking Long Journey to Loving Myself, A Guide to a Shorter Path.”

    Mike Cavalli

    Mike is an international evidential medium and healer. He runs a weekly healing and spirit communication circles in Vienna, Austria. He regularly gives live demonstrations of mediumship in front of live audiences.

    Mike is the author of two books and is often seen on the talk circuit lecturing on the effect our words and thoughts have on our reality.

    Theresa Scott-Reed

    Theresa Scott-Reed is the production manager for the Consciousness Awareness Consortium. Working behind the scenes, Theresa handles all of the communication, scheduling, video editing, web design, content creation among a slew of other tasks. While working with Marla over the past 2 years, Theresa has become more aware of issues and solutions plaguing individuals, communities and nations. As a mother of 4, she is determined to raise consciousness to make this world a better place for her children and future grandchildren.