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Spirit & Simply Being

Beth Lynch, Intuitive Consultant, Medium, Author and founder of Inner Light Teaching shares the power of understanding the relationship between the Spirit and being simply, a better human. Beth is dedicated to sharing the connection to Spirituality and mental and emotional wellness. The missing link in our evolution as a species is the misconception of Spirituality. It is accessing that Source daily that helps us live, love, create and heal the life we truly deserve. It is Spiritual and it is science. Lynch’s dedication to meditation, healing and understanding death is what showed her the power of life.

As a child, Lynch’s sensitivity to thoughts and feelings confused and at times terrified her. Fast forward 30 years of curiosity, faith and healing it is now her passion and purpose … to help others understand intuition, healing, thoughts and the power of love.

Beth Lynch is an Intuitive Consultant, Author, Medium for those calling upon her for healing and connection to loved ones crossed Lynch is a graduate of Delphi University/Patricia Hayes School of Metaphysics, Arthur Ford School of Mediumship and is recognized and respected under Mark Ireland’s prestigious group of mediums.. She has a private practice in upstate New York. As a medium, for over twenty years she has helped families understand the communication is natural and through our grief, we will learn to understand the relationship between us and those crossed continues. Lynch also shows the connection from our Spiritual perspective and the profound effect on mental and emotional wellness of families, communities and our world. It is the misconceptions and fears creating the increase of anxiety, depression, addiction and suicide. She shares with families the perception Spirit has to help us live to our highest potential, in other words, happy, healthy and abundant human beings.

She is the author of Soul Rising: The Spiritual Science of Living and A Journey to the Light Within: Meditation for the Soul, Donald’s Journey Children’s CD and Discover The Divine In You. She speaks on Spirituality: The Missing Link to Mental & Emotional Wellness for health professionals and teachers. She also facilitates the Meditation and Mindfulness program for the High School in her community.

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