Dr. Sharron Stroud

World Peace

Dr. Sharron Stroud is a woman dedicated to serving the planet. The slogan “Think Globally and Act Locally” would describe what she has been about for the past 44 years.  She is an author, professional speaker, and a spiritual leader. She has served the New Thought movement for 44 years as a spiritual leader.

Dr. Stroud has serves as the Spiritual Leader of Innerfaith Spiritual Center Worldwide in Palm Springs, CA. since 2001.

She also serves as the Dean of the Institute of Successful Living.

Dr. Stroud is the President Elect of  The International Foundation for World Peace and Research, in which she travels all over the world lecturing at Universities and Institutions of  Learning.   Most recently at the Cultural Arts Festival in India in January, The International Congress on Art, Science, Communication and Technology in Edinburgh, Scotland, Madonna University in Nigeria, Africa, the University of Istanbul Medical Center in Turkey, The University of  Zagreb in Croatia, The University of African and Oriental Studies in London, England, Essen, Germany, Queen’s College in Cambridge England and Oslo, Norway.

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