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Dr. Suzan Rossi is a 1981 graduate of Life College of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA, a Diplomate of the National Boards of Chiropractic and licensed to practice Chiropractic on both the East and West coasts. She retired from active practice at the end of 2017. She is now focused entirely on sacred wisdom teachings. She is a nationally recognized expert, lecturer and author in the Chiropractic and Alternative Healing fields. Dr. Rossi is an ordained minister, practitioner and instructor of the ancient Mayan advance healing practices of Divine Intervention & Spontaneous Remission (Shamanic Psychic Surgery), Light Language (Sacred Geometry), DNA (Shamanic DNA Transmutation and Recoding) and Dimensional Mastery (Shamanic Advanced Magical Wisdoms and Dimensional Mysteries). Furthermore, she is a practitioner of the Esoteric and Soul Focus healing techniques.

Through her diverse blend of esoteric studies, personal spiritual growth and professional experience with thousands of patients, Dr. Rossi’s multidimensional healing work emerged as The Quickening, Accelerated Conscious Evolution, a divinely inspired system of gentle and powerful inner transformation for the new millennium. From that foundation both The Quickening Practitioner Training Program and The Quickening Train the Trainer Program were soon launched attracting students from various schools of training from around the world.

Additionally, inspired by her own healing journey, Dr. Rossi authored a series of books written to transmute the shadows of sexuality called Divine Designs 4 Sex. (First edition to be launched in 2021.) Dr. Rossi’s work unifies the wisdom teachings that touch the four corners of our great planet, spanning thousands of years to arrive here refreshed for use in the new millennium. Within this body of work exists teachings from Taoist Sexology and her cousin Ayurvedic Tantric Yoga from China, Japan and India; the Mayan wisdoms called Light Language (Sacred Geometry) from Mexico; the wisdoms within the science, art and philosophy of Chiropractic—and her offspring the Quickening, Accelerated Conscious Evolution, from the United States. In a true alchemical sense, these four wisdoms are unified and blended.  The Light Language (Sacred Geometry) healing designs Dr. Rossi has created are saturated throughout the text with her rich understanding of shadow processing and integration of the dark aspects of our personal humanity. Held firm and enhanced by Dr. Rossi’s sacred understanding of spiritual, emotional and physical anatomy, the Sacred Geometry designs are in place throughout the text to help us in an area where shadows most likely exist—our sexuality.

Dr. Rossi teaches and travels nationally and abroad. She now resides and has her healing practice in Acworth, GA, USA. She is a mother of two happily married children and a delighted grandmother of seven grandchildren.

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