James Alvino

The Science of Manifestation

Dr. James Alvino, Ph.D is founder and president of Monetize Your Niche, Inc., a coaching and consulting firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs pursue their passion for profit. He is an international business coach, author and speaker trainer, as well as a certified Law of Attraction specialist and quantum activist. Dr. Alvino’s book, “Explorer’s Guide to the Law of Attraction,” discusses the scientific and spiritual foundations of manifestation – with the purpose of advancing the universal conversation that Consciousness creates everything; that we ARE that Consciousness; and that we are empowered and responsible to create our life, our future and our destiny.

Dr. Alvino offers two certifications in the Science of Manifestation: 1) a Law of Attraction Practitioner’s certificate; and 2) a Law of Attraction Trainer’s certificate, which is a business opportunity for individuals who have a special affinity for the subject, are interested in personal development and expanding their paradigms, and who desire to monetize their new knowledge. Email Dr. Alvino directly if you are interested in a free 20-minute call to explore your options.

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