Julia-Anna Barile

Accessing Inner Mastery

Julia-Anna Barile is a Soul Alignment Illuminator who helps high performers and creative leaders connect to their Souls so they can authentically express themselves and feel loved and fulfilled in relationships, business and their mission.

Julia-Anna teaches Energetic Mastery which combines science and ancient wisdom. This vibrational alignment creates the best version of yourself and a life you love.

Julia-Anna’s exclusive program, Soul Self Mastery helps people learn to receive and connect to their inner guidance to feel unshakable confidence, courageous love and deepen their impact in the world.

Julia-Anna has an innate ability to radiate love and anchor the unique expression of Soul Divinity.

An open vessel and clear channel, Julia-Anna helps others embody and serve from their highest self.

Born clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, Julia-Anna combines energetic mastery skills developed over decades working with individuals and groups. She uses quantum field activations, theta state hypnotherapy, somatic re-patterning and integration, and energy healing in joyful compassionate presence. This Soul Embodiment work awakens passion, pleasure and the simple joy of being human.

Julia Anna is devoted to serving human family’s evolution to new levels of Unity, Love, Joy and Liberation.

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