Seta Araz Shahinian

The Power of Prayer

Seta Araz Shahinian offers a unique approach to the healing arts and has been in private practice as an energetic healer and alternative care practitioner since 2001. Although she has studied many modalities, her primary modality of healing is prayer, in both English and Armenian. Seta is facile in identifying and addressing the varied obstacles, patterns and constructs, past, present and future, that may prevent us from accomplishing our objectives and or have contributed to the dis-ease that we seek to remedy and address. Special attention is given to energetic flaws and weaknesses in structure that result in co-dependency as well as facilitating exorcisms, dissolving curses, vows, separation from labels, diseases and others, protection with intact boundaries and shields, childhood and relationship wounds, past life regressions with rescripting as well as many other varied ailments of the mind, body and soul.
Additionally, she incorporates the multifaceted 7 Steps to Abundance in addressing matters of love, prosperity, employment, health and success to name a few. Seta teaches her own modalities, Two Hands To Heal and the Diligent Application Of Deliberate Intent as self-healing tools along with providing her clients with recorded prayers for future use. Seta strongly believes in empowering her clients with tools and techniques that enhance self-advocacy, independence and faith in oneself as well as God. Seta encourages the practice of prayer and daily communion with the Creator.

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