ZofiaRennea Morales


Global strategist and former biophysicist, ZofiaRennea Morales, had it all, a hi powered career, loving husband, properties, adventure, friends. Until her fast-paced life screeched to a halt. Brought to the edge of death, Zofia was left bankrupt in every area of her life.

Zofia finally prayed. This single heart felt prayer was answered with a spiritual activation which unlocked Zofia’s gifts as an intuitive, healer, and practical mystic, changing her life completely.

Zofia now hosts Sovereign Self – weaving spiritual awakening with the fabric of everyday life, Mondays at 4pm pacific on VoiceAmerica Radio at http://sovereignself.live .

 As the creator of the Conscious Enlyghtment Process, she is a spiritual teacher, showing others that life often wraps the best gifts in the shittiest wrapping paper.

Recently she soul urged her to establish http://CovidCrisisCalming.Center to support anyone who’s staggering under the stress of the pandemic in getting relief and moving from survival to thrival.   Seasoned with love and laughter, Zofia guides her clients through their own spiritual crises and onto their paths of passion and purpose with warmth, joy, tenderness, reality and play.

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